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21882 Hwy 62, Shady Cove, Oregon 97539 Phone (541) 878-2740
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76 Gasoline with PROpower - the fuel of NASCAR, now in Shady Cove!

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Shady Cove Union 	76 Taco Bell Express on Highway 62
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Fill up "both" tanks when you visit us! We have a broad selection of groceries, food, snacks, beverages, and travel essentials. Fountain Drinks at Bargain Prices! Plus, a walk-up Taco Bell Express counter in the store and convenient Drive-thru window.
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Top Quality Fuel!
The Shady Cove 76 Service Station features quality 76 Diesel, Unleaded, Unleaded Premium, and Midgrade, as well as free air and water (tokens for the machine can be obtained inside). We have the Best Service in Town!
Saw Blade Art! saws
The Shady Cove Mini Mart features paintings on saws by local artist David Squyres. Mr. Squyres specializes in landscapes painted on old crosscut and circular saws, as well as clocks made out of circular saws. Saw painting is one of the few folk art forms truly indiginous to the Pacific Northwest, and the examples on display here are among the most striking around. Subject matter includes settings such as Crater Lake, the redwoods, lumber mills of historical interest, and scenes of the high desert country in Central Oregon. These items are a truly unique momento of our region and make great gifts. You can see additional clocks and paintings by David Squyres at Oregon Clock Works.

Shady Cove 76 Taco Bell Express is located on Highway 62 in downtown Shady Cove, near the Rogue River Bridge.

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Shady Cove Taco Bell Express Shady Cove Pacific Pride

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