The Most Comfortable, Economical Heating System Available!

Monitor 2400 & 2200 Series
Available in Southern Oregon at Medford Fuel
"Monitor" is the registered trademark of Monitor Products, Incorporated
Monitor 2400 Oil Stove.  You'll love the convenience of a Monitor Heater.      Monitor 2200 Kerosene Heater.  A Monitor heater will start saving you money immediately!
93% Efficient!
Kerosene-fired Heating System.
UL Listed 67R1
Mobil Home Approved when used with stainless steel adapting elbow

Monitor Vented Heaters Save You Money!
When cold weather rolls around, you want to be warm. But you don't want to spend a fortune on heating. Monitor heaters are the answer. Why? Because they're efficient. More efficient than other types of heaters or heating systems.

   93% Efficient!   

Monitor Oil Stoves are easy to install.  Easy to self- install!  Monitor Oil Heaters beat natural gas hands down!

      Hassle-free system!     

  Thermostatically Controlled.   

        Heats up to 2200 square feet.         

      Can be used with kerosene or stove oil.     

Enjoy the Comfort of a Monitor Heater in Your Home, and Slash Your Heating Costs at the same time!
Comparison of Heating Costs       
between the Monitor Oil Stove and other forms of heat in the Northeastern United States.  The Monitor Heater  
clearly beats any other heat source available.

Superior Heating. With 93% efficiency, Monitor Oil Stoves provide the most heat for the money of anything on the market.

Economical. The cost of operating a Monitor stove is lower than that of other appliances using other forms of fuel (gas, wood, propane, pellets, etc.)

Convenient. Thermostatically controlled, the Monitor Stove has an "automatic setback" feature that allows you to set it to automatically adjust the temperature for different times of the day and night.

Comfortable. A Monitor fuel oil heater delivers a comfortable, steady, fan-forced stream of warm air. They are quiet and odor-free!

Safe. Oil heat is one of the safest heating sources available, without the risk of explosion like natural gas or propane. Plus, government statistics show that natural gas users are ten times more likely to suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning than those using oil heat. Oil heat with a Monitor heater is clearly the safest, most efficient, and economical choice!

2400 Oil Heater               Monitor 2200
Monitor 2400                      Monitor 2200

You'll Like Living with a Monitor!
Monitor owners tend to think of their heater as their "prized possession." It's not hard to see why. The Monitor heater is attractive and looks good in your home. It's reliable, clean, and safe. And best of all, it produces a phenomenal amount of heat.

Here's what one Monitor owner has to say:
"The Monitor can heat up to 2000 sq ft and operates on a little over a gallon of #1 stove oil a day, making the Monitor hard to beat. Its a gravity feed system so doesn't require a pump. I have personally heated my home for the last seven years in Oregon with this model and comfortably heated 1800sq ft." - Mr. Bradley of Grants Pass, Oregon.

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Monitor Heater Owners answering the question
"I bought my Monitor because..."

Monitor 2400 Easy to Use and Enjoy!
Clearly Labeled Controls show time, temperature, and operating mode. The thermostatically controlled Monitor Heater maintains a steady temperature, eliminating the inefficient Control Panel with Child Lock to prevent accidental operation by curious children "swings" in temperature common to other types of heaters. And Monitor's automatic set-back feature lets it operate according to your needs at different times of the day. It can provide less heat when you're at work or sleeping; more heat when you and your family are up and about. The four-time/four-temperature programmable thermostat controls the environment of the home. Dependable, efficient climate control. The new "Economy Plus" mode minimizes "on" and "off" cycling. The result is low electrical consumption, prolonged component life, and more efficient operation during the heating season.

The Illustration below explains two of the things people love most about the Monitor Stove. One is the comfortable, steady, fan-forced flow of warm air. Kids and pets - even adults! - like to warm up in front of the monitor. The other is the sealed combustion system that totally eliminates fumes or any trace of kerosene. The sealed system also prevents the main cause of heating inefficiency: infiltration.

Monitor Oil Stove Animation
Because your monitor uses outside air for combustion, it does not cause any cold air to be drawn into your house. All combustion air is brought into the sealed unit from outside and all exhaust gases are expelled to the outside. No cold infiltration air, no fumes - just comfortable, affordable heat. You can see the benefit in that.

Easy Do-it-yourself installation. No ducting is required for the Monitor. No cutting holes in the roof, either! Monitor oil heaters are direct vented, requiring only a 2.5 inch hole in the wall to install the flue pipe. The flue is a "pipe within a pipe": Fresh cold outside air enters the combustion chamber through the outer pipe, and exhaust is sent outdoors through the inside pipe, preheating the incoming cold air. To achieve maximum efficiency and ease of installation, the Monitor should be located adjacent to an exterior wall of the home. The shortest flue pipe possible provides the highest efficiency. If an interior wall must be used, an extension kit for the flue will be needed. If you are handy around the home, the typical stove installation should take one person about two hours. Installation of an outside storage tank requires two people and an additional two hours or so. Professional installation is available in most areas through your local Oil Heat dealer. More detailed installation information is provided below for your convenience.

Fuel Specifications. Monitor oil heaters achieve the highest efficiency using K-1 Kerosene. Most Monitor owners prefer to use an equivalent Kerosene product: High quality, low sulpher Stove Oil (Diesel #1). It is substantially less expensive (typically less than half the price of K-1). Stove Oil remains in a liquid state even in extreme cold; it is the fuel of choice, especially in places like Alaska! Fuel is typically gravity fed, and fuel lifter pumps for 2nd floor installations are available. Our fuel lifter pumps can supply the fuel your Monitor heater needs with a lift up to 27 feet! The pump capacity is 3.17 gallons per hour on a 20 foot lift, far exceeding what the Monitor requires. Monitors use a small amount of electricity to run the fan and store the memory program.

Monitor 2400 Oil Stove Monitor Accessories Monitor 2400 Oil Stove.  The 2400 is the best  
Monitor Heater for most applications

Accessories for the Monitor Home Heating System

Storage Tanks.The Monitor 2400 should be used with at least a 220 gallon outdoor storage tank. Mid-sized homes in the Southern Oregon area typically use 30 to 45 gallons in a cold winter month (depending on size of home, insulation, temperature setting, how long you are home, how cold it is). 220 gallons can take you through at least 8 months, and up to 12 months. Legs are necessary on the tank as the bottom of the tank must be at least 16" above the floor of the stove in order to gravity-feed fuel rather than use a fuel lifter pump. The tank must be a minimum 3 feet away from the flue pipe.

Plumbing Package for connection of the storage tank to the stove includes 60ft 3/8 inch copper tubing, ball valve, flared fittings, and oil filter. Individual items are available.

Other items available include fuel lifter pumps, vent window kits, vent extension kits, and elbows. More details on these items are included in the section on Monitor Heater Installation Information.

Surefire backup power system for the Monitor 422. A back up power system utilizing RV batteries and an inverter is available to run the Monitor 422 in the event of a power failure (The system is not available for the Monitor 2400, as it requires a true sine wave to operate).. Each RV battery added to the system can provide up to 5.5 hours of operation while the power is out. The system automatically takes over when the power goes out, and recharges itself as soon as power is restored. Please note that a system is not yet available to work with the 2200 or 2400 series Monitors.

Surefire backup power system for Monitor 422
Surefire Stove Sentry

For more information on the Surefire Stove Sentry, Click here!

Monitor 2400 Stove Monitor Heater Specifications Monitor heaters  
provide efficient, economical heat, like this Monitor 2400 Stove

MPI 2400 Monitor Heater is easy to install.
Monitor 2400 High High/
BTU Rating/Hour 43,000 32,000 24,600 16,200
BTU Output/ Hour 37,200 26,900 20,700 13,600
Fuel Consumption Gal/ Hour .319 .24 .18 .12
Heated Air Delivery
(cubic ft./minute)
388 388 330 330
Fuel Source Separate Tank
Fuel K-1 Kerosene or Low Sulpher No. 1 Oil
Power Electric, 120 Volts 60 cycles
Dimensions 26.6" H x 28.7" W x 14" D
Weight 82 lbs., empty
Efficiency 93% Gross; 88% net
MPI 2200 Heater

Monitor 2200 High High/
BTU Rating/Hour 22,000 17,400 12,400 9,600
BTU Output/Hour 18,260 14,440 10,290 7,970
Fuel Consumption Gal/Hour .164 .13 .09 .07

Fuel Source Seperate tank or optional capsule tank.
Fuel K-1 Kerosene or Low Sulpher No. 1 Oil
Power Electric, 120 Volts AC; 60 cycles (41 watts average consumption)
Dimensions 26.0" H x 20.9" W x 12.4" D
Weight 55 lbs., empty
Efficiency 93% Gross; 88% net

Recommended Usage by Region Monitor 2400 Stove

Monitor Stoves Temperature Range Map for United States.

Recommended Usage by Region

  {brown} {orange} {yellow} {blue} {deep blue}
Monitor 2200 1820-2600 sq ft 1430-1820 sq ft 1170-1430 sq ft 910-1170 sq ft 730-910 sq ft
Monitor 2400 2990-4160 sq ft 2210-2990 sq ft 1820-2210 sq ft 1430-2000 sq ft 1170-1650 sq ft

Monitor Heater Installation Info Monitor Heater installation is easy.
More detailed installation information is included here. These pages may take a little while to load; please be patient! Complete instructions will be included with your Monitor Stove.

button Heater Installation, Clearances, and Electrical Hookups

Flue Pipe installation for the Monitor  
Heater  Vent Pipe Installation, Clearances, and Window Kits

Monitor Stove vent pipe extension kit Components and Installation of Vent Pipe Extension Kit

Lifter pump installation for the Monitor Oil  
Heater Typical Monitor Lifter Pump Installations

fuel tank installation for Monitor  
Heaters Fuel Tank Installation and Alternatives

Connection of the fuel line to the monitor  
heater Typical Fuel Line Connections

 Quick Reference prices, delivery, and installation info

How to Get a Monitor Order a  
Monitor Stove from your Rogue Valley Monitor Heater dealer,

For technical questions, specifications, and dealer locations near you, you may contact Monitor Products directly at 1-800-524-1102.

Bill Terpening is your source in the Rogue Valley for Monitor vented heating systems. Click here for our Quick Reference page listing prices and installation information.

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