Welcome to Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling!

Pacific Pride Automated Card-Lock Fueling Sytem is your 24-hour commercial fueling network. The Pacific Pride network provides gasoline, diesel, and other services at 1300+ automated cardlock stations coast-to-coast. With Pacific Pride Fleet Management System, get the edge on your competition, control fuel costs, and simplify your accounting.

Pacific Pride Card is your key to automated 24-hour fueling.  Use it to simplify Fleet Management, Save 
Money, and  Control Fuel Costs! Gasoline, Diesel, and Oil are all available through your Pacific Pride 
Account.  Our Commercial Fueling Network assures that  you will always have access to fuel anytime, 

What is Pacific 
Pride Commercial Fueling?

Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling System offers you convenient access to a controllable source of fuel on a credit basis...from a single source.

Whether you operate one truck, several service vans or a fleet of cars, you're among the select group we call "Frequent Fuelers."

Take Control of 
your fueling costs!  A Commercial Fueling account with Pacific Pride provides you access to fuel when and 
where you need it, and gives you the competative edge!

Today's competitive business climate demands you operate your fleet at peak efficiency to stay ahead of your competitors. That means gaining better control of your vehicle use and fuel consumption. Thanks to Pacific Pride's fast-growing network of automated fueling stations, you can reach your goal of better fuel accountability from a single credit source.

Pacific Pride's fueling stations are clean, modern and well-lighted. And they're always open - 24 hours a day, seven days a week - which means no time is lost searching for fuel on weekends or after hours. Your drivers have easy in-and-out access. There are seldom any lines because we serve only our commercial customers - our Frequent Fuelers. The Pacific Pride Fueling Network has over 1,300 locations Coast-to-Coast...and growing fast!

How does Pacific Pride Fueling Work?

Every driver or vehicle in your fleet is issued a network Access Card encoded with billing and security numbers, product access and information specific to the individual customer. It's like an automated bank teller card.

You insert the card and enter the purchase information into the system. Then you simply select the grade of fuel you want. All Pacific Pride stations have at least three kinds, including diesel.

Using the Pacific Pride card is Easy  Our Fleet Management System is 
Efficient  Automated Commercial Fueling Saves Time  Save Money with Pacific Pride

You can also use your Pacific Pride card to purchase motor oil. Auxiliary supplies include air, water and window- cleaning equipment. At some locations, scales and truck washing equipment are available.

We'll help you take control of your fleet.

Pacific Pride helps you take control over the buying practices of your drivers. With our Fleet Management System, there are no lost receipts or unauthorized purchases to worry about.

Think of your Pacific 
Pride card as a Remote Control for your Fleet or Business

We issue a detailed statement to your company that simplifies your bookkeeping and improves your control by providing the following facts: vehicle and purchase details, including vehicle number, driver's identification, time of purchase and location. You'll know the type of product, unit price and quantity purchased.

Unlike major oil company or financial institution cards, Pacific Pride cards can be used only to purchase fuel or motor oil. This increases purchasing control, and reduces cash outflow to cover fueling expenses.

Facts on Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling from Bill Terpening.

Wherever you are located, wherever you are travelling, Bill Terpening can provide you access to the 1,300+ Pacific Pride locations nationwide. Whether in your hometown or on the road, there's a Pacific Pride nearby!

Our seven local locations in and are owned and operated by Bill Terpening, your local Pacific Pride Franchisee. Our local sites are supplied with regular and premium unleaded gasolines plus regular and premium diesel from Bill Terpening's 76 distributorship, Medford Fuel.

A Pacific Pride commercial fueling account through Bill Terpening can meet all your needs from commercial fueling, to major brand lubricants, chemicals, antifreeze, and even home heating oil.

Bill Terpening provides you with local service and local account billing by local people.

The wealth of billing information contained in our detailed invoice is invaluable to the business owner or fleet manager who must maintain accurate fueling records which can be tailored to suit any business needs.