What Monitor Heater owners are saying about heating with a Monitor
I bought my Monitor because...

"We heated with a heat pump before
and it was too costly."

-Earl Ede, White City, Oregon
"I wanted the cheapest and cleanest way
to heat my home and this is it!!!"

-J. Hampton, Butte Falls, Oregon

"I only had wood heat and I was
tired of coming home to a cold house every night.
Best thing I've done."

-Mary Neathamer, Rogue River, Oregon
"it has no fuss, no mess, it just plain works."
-Kim Kizer, Ashland, Oregon

"our house had a heat pump and always felt cold
and drafty and was expensive to heat. I needed
something warm and efficient like the Monitor."

-Patty Billings, Ashland, Oregon
"I like oil heat because it is clean and
much warmer than the electric heat. Also
comparing my electric bill it was $100.00 cheaper
in January than last year with electric."

-Lena Cornelison, Gold Hill, Oregon

"My house was all electric - nuff said!"
-Noni Kerr, Prospect, Oregon
"We travel Eastern Oregon and noticed stores and
different places have them and this is cold country,
so figured they had to be good."

-James M. Hyde, Ashland, Oregon

"We heard through others it was the
most efficient heat they had ever used."

-The Irigoyens, Central Point Oregon
"After cutting & burning firewood for 30 years,
I found it to be the perfect alternative,
and was I right!"

-Mrs. Sult, Grants Pass Oregon